Sunday, January 8, 2017

Evil "Russians" who work at Google(youtube and blogger) and Facebook, hack my blogger news site to delete visitors' comments as well as likes and ban me from two Facebook accounts claiming how by government issued IDs are lies(fake like myself) !!!

The Obama's new ministry of truth(bwahahaha) which is shaking in anger have determined that secret Russians who work at the Google/Youtube/Blogger have hacked my news site !!! The Obama's new ministry of truth is also protecting my Facebook accounts(all simultaneously) by rejecting my IDs issued by governments(US and Slovenian) while claiming that I am insane(I no longer recognize my own comments posted on Facebook is what they claim) and that my telephone numbers(added as a primary security feature on Facebook) can't be trusted because "Russians" could somehow get a hold of security codes sent in it is best to just keep them locked for now is what Obama's new ministry of truth claims...this way, evil Russians wouldn't hack them...I totally agree and praise this new Facebook security features on behalf of Rothschilds and Buckingham palace(your owners that is) advice to you all is not to post anything on net because your accounts will be protected for the sake of your safety by Obama's new ministry of truth that way !!! Just stick heads in sand, wait,  and pray is what they say...glory to our leader Obama...glory to Buckingham palace, glory to Rothschilds...aren't we lucky to have them around !!!??? Don't you feel comfortable in the world where we celebrate our "lives" !!!?? Don't you feel comfortable leaving one behind and as such to your children and grandchildren !!??? Blasted with fortune is what they will be and not blessed in world as depicted in this George Orwell alike horror story !!! 

I think that I have just seen Putin watching me through the window and its KGB standing right on the corner of the street HAHAHA(they read my drafts and even listen my screen video recordings - that much desperate CIA is) !!! CIA caught in act with pants down !!!

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