Thursday, December 30, 2021

Sebastian Kurz whose press accented so much his withdrawal(its what Kurz claimed) from politics, left Austria to upscale his world of political affairs onto greater global level from Western end - will work for Trumps baby German Peter Thiel(Trump's made billionaire who participated in MK Ultra since 1996)

Sebastian Kurz played important role in pulling Russian government alongside German ideals and will not present same spectacle in US. Kurz left his wife and child back home - due to safety reasons as he told me case will be. As we are at poisoned at all times high through see nothing heard nothing know nothing game and COVID19 issues, we are only waiting on return of Donald Trump on political stage which soon should take place.

Peter Thiel was just one of my "saviors" as Trump demanded from me to see them as next 
 to Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos etc...the men who along the way became a super billionaires and on their mission to rescue me which lasted 25 years(no longer believer of their lies since 2019, but this is how efficient British German American nazi LIE propaganda machinery was) just couldn't save me because I was GETTING MYSELF deeper and deeper in trouble - not because of what US Government have done and who  one have assisted in genocide against me whole country United States of America is drowning in hatred.

Peter Thiel is okay as were were brainwashed because he is a gay(A LIE TOO - gay camouflage and Russian sweaters to apper/blend as much as possible with their counterparts whim he negotiated with often times even inside of this very room in Novo mesto) and Merkel is okay because she is a feminist - A BLATANT LIE AS WELL.

The number on cash dealer(donor who started it all) for global capital investments corporation is located in London and Berlin.

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