Sunday, December 19, 2021

Serbian gangster from Novo mesto Bojan Črtalič(involved in MK Ultra torture ONLY) since 1995, contemplated on escape to Serbia due to physical and mental torture one conducted on me over the course of decade and half - tortured till caught by Slovenian security services and placed infront of hard line

Built almost entire company(90% of what he owns today) through me. I had to present throughout all important contracts he obtained from abroad and at my request during MK Ultra to arrest and jail one when caught, Slovenian government officials told me is too beneficial for state due to work contracts he has with Serbia. Just like his father Jožef Črtalič, he engaged in swingers parties(took me from city to city to visit women he engaged in sex during which orgies beatings took place on regular bases) all over Slovenia and demanded from me to marry Serbian. His godfather in Slovenia(came to Slovenia and death threaten me in respect to Črtalič) was Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić from Serbia...Črtalič claimed me had paid money to Slovenian officials to keep his immunity from state persecution, but I doubt....I mention it just because father wants me to take one tomorrow in area where he resides - @Črtalič - don't waste my time.
I know personally people who caught one engaging in violence against me during his sexual encounters...

Was my employer for few months next to his father and one of the main reasons for me to leave Slovenia - gave 100 Dollars per month pay for 60/80 hours of work per week in metal industry...have even stolen money from state which should be paid to me in form of subvention...

Owner of FerroČrtalič waiting for police car to pick him up basically...its not a over selfconfidence I have - these are facts and biting them will leave anyone mentioned on here toothless and they all know(AGREE) it.

You can read about local state work-office and his father Jože Črtalić at my complain

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