Wednesday, December 22, 2021

@United States of America - my "beloved" NEW since 2000 homeland where I became citizen at age 28

 You didn't allow me to live there - have in fact used my impossible social circumstances in country where I immigrated from to bring me back and revive(you financed one) oldest enemy of the newly founded Slovenian state, and have handed me over to those(even to what became sentenced war criminals) whom we Slovenes achieved freedom from with goal to cause as much harm as possible to our people as well as to others(Croats, Bosnians) who craved for freedom. I believe you did this for more than to even achieve global nazi plan if that's not bad enough - to immigrate to certain country to have own home wherever one immigrates from turned into Guantanamo alike torture cell and country into mindless zoo where foreigners supposedly would decide about existence of one - proofs to keep him outside of the mental are a regular dung madness state; not a banana state. Your lord has two horns. Your bill of rights as you call one is charge from satan(thats what and how he bills his customers)


Night, but world today can clearly see through you despite all your waiters(killer clowns) serving bill...from congress to Hollywood and NBA/NFL etc...

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