Tuesday, December 21, 2021

GERMAN MONEY SAVER: Germany built case against me(financed crime) for variety of reasons, but one was based on tremendous sugar consumption I paid in for by debit card when in Poland

 Trump's Hollywood clowns who attended HUNGER GAMES SHOW IN POLAND always succeeded(from having nothing to buying cars and lucrative jobs - at least how they brainwashed me) by saving every dime is what I was brainwashed - I knew they had socks full of Dollars they or others brought them from abroad, but MK Ultra brainwash insisted on my just not being capable as much as they were - always rating me bellow/less worthy, so I gave a shot in idea of excelling in Poland through cost for food consumption for which I observed they were throwing money away to see what possibly on car purchase and work adds up to...it added to proofs Germany needed to continue filthy game against me as Olaf Scholz alone told me case will be...Germany paid whatever Poland and now Slovenia enforced...proofs. German game https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/12/nothing-serbia-wouldnt-do-to-bail.html through hatred issues,  but you won't see it till world is sank again. Polish hunger game on what car I will be capable and what not to purchase due to money struggle went on for two decades...from demanding to point which cars I like to teaching me on what i should like since many were German made...sugar and flower specialty - a real money saver so fascist so nazi so hateful way that only Pollacks could have come forward to realize something so disgusting(Czechs latter even broke car and have stolen phones with audio proves on it). United Nations, however, covered crime for all. United Nations in fact promoted and boosted corruption/crime. UNITED NATIONS IS A NUMBER 1 CRIME PROMOTER. Beasts. Guilt based on blame and shame via beatings torture cancer spine breaking forced psychiatry SEE NOTHING HEAR NOTHING KNOW NOTHING game...world have not seen anything as disgusting yet. Made in Deutschland.

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