Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Americans demanded from me to bury bottle or urine next to river to have proof once ordeal is finished(I become recognized as they would refer their crime as) a proof

 Urine according to them will contain proofs about cancer. Prince Harry insisted how its too much water I drink that is causing problems in my brain area and consequently suffer high pressure sound - for his theory a Belarus criminal would have me observe one and make me drink water under MK Ultra - Belarus criminal insisted on my drinking LARGE AMOUNTS OF WATER AT THE TIME(two liters) for what he c,aimed next to my ex Belarus girlfriend Tatiana(she came often times to Novo mesto) would fill kidneys 
up and cleanse them afterwards more efficiently. Americans placed news of Dan Campbell online https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10009652-lions-hc-dan-campbell-says-he-drinks-40-ounces-of-coffee-4-espresso-shots-per-day for me to be reminded how drinking super large amounts of coffee would save me and again insisted on my drinking two liters of coffee mixture at once...that makes pressure higher withing lymphatic system and one cleanses itself consequently faster...insisted that right after drinking such amounts of water I should ascent to either hill or do pull-ups and so on...insisted through parents and niece to curing myself naturally to avoid psychiatry, but whole thing was designed to murder and ran by local psychiatrist Peter Kapš who reported 24//7 to none other than Borut Pahor.

Problems with spleen and liver REJECT idea about large amounts of water at once as whole thing was nothing other than school for death initiated against me via Milan Kučan/Borut Pahor and others. And the rest of you losers Slovenian saw nothing, heard nothing, know nothing "pro independence patriots"

Insisted me(prince William and Harry, Germans and Americans - from mighty Hollywood killer clowns to NFL/world of boxing sports) on how I have to video record what they referred to as "natural cancer cure" and post one online to gain sympathy from those who went against me - whom I insulted according to them...

Proof Americans along Germans and Britons wanted from me next to ruining me 27 years of life https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/12/apparently-united-states-of-america.html was my death. Am I right Joe !!??? And this is a president of US now after being involved against me for 27 years - since day 1 one was Putin's partner. Truly nice people - allies and their Lukashenko's game of poisoning/radiation see if you can find one where hehehe

On their task to kill humanity and bring back colonialism(awake dead buried tsarism in Russia), they employed your brain with same tactics - COVID offering initially even on views opinions on one...remember how opinionated and with alternative cures it all started with Trump !!???? So rather than your going about what you should have(prosperity) you follow them into a grave. These people have hoards of psychiatrists/psychologists assisting them daily on their tasks...

Above described brainwash went on under MK Ultra for no less than 25 years - with first theory(it was poisoning and likely surgical procedure in Serbia in 1996) involving deodorant issue as the main cause for sound under MK Ultra in 1996 - demonstrating me under MK Ultra how to make free and all natural deodorant by using baking soda...

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