Wednesday, December 29, 2021

There were black people who headed under MK Ultra with me to this very hospital department where they insisted to those who engaged in beatings and have provided rides to Serbian occupied parts of Bosnia and in Serbia alone since 1995 HOW HAVE NO RIGHT TREAT ME - ON HOW THEY ARRANGED WITH HOSPITAL AS PER MY BEINGS DEAD

These black rappers and hospital staff bot were assuring me on my being buried alive. But criminal Russo Serbian mob from Novo mesto's hospital and American black gangsters shouldn't be detrimental factor deciding about Slovenian independence which Germany voiced two weeks ago have given us with recognition of one once Slovenia separated from greater chetnik Yugoslav state. German politic which initiated all this in 1995 for the sake of its grandeur on global scale along Britain HAS NO RIGHT TO DECIDE ABOUT SLOVENIAN INDEPENDENCE UNLESS OFF COURSE SLOVENIAN NATION WILL CONTINUE TO ALLOW SAME POLITIC AS WAS/IS IMPLEMENTED IN RUSSIA AND SERBIA TO BE IMPLEMENTED ALSO IN SLOVENIA. It is of paramount importance for Slovenians to stress issues of German neonazi politic as well as weight of American gangsterism which has biggest influence on one to United Nations as two are intervened(in coherence) with one another. Yes, this is how far Black LIES MATTER have gone in my case - still, it doesn't mean that we Slovenes because of their crime(America translated into racism) have to give national integrity away settling for whatever was initiated against us already in 1995 through beatings/violence once brought here from United States of America 

@Black LIES MATTER movement - you can't and will not continue to rule with gangsterism at expense of human rights. You used Donald Trump to get to $$$$ and presented through one even your marital demands and have resorted to human rights to protect your crime - presidency of Obama...won't work like this either. Turn in between my own room in Slovenia into a torture cell where engaging in crime against me along Germans, Britons and others...

@Slovenia - you must choose between your national integrity and politics of greater chetnik state which you have separated from. Either serve your own interests or interests of others, but you will not serve interests of others and claim independence at expense of our lives.

Source of problem is 1995 when Slovenia allowed Amero German British politic to enter its space - its how Russo Serbian commenced massacre here and its how racism was blown out of proportion in USA and its what created course/direction of politic ever since. Today while West is accenting stated all over its main stream media outlets, not even a single anti Putin's organisation or political party exists even in Russia alone due to same politic - it wasn't about Slovenia or Crimea or probably even Donetsk that same have happened through Amero German British politic but whole picture we see advertised lied about in main steam media and one pertains even to Russia alone - they suffocated the world AGAIN. Because there are no sanctions they love to talk about so much - exactly the opposite.

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