Friday, December 24, 2021

@Quannah Chasinghorse and family and friends - involved in my case since 1997/1998

You have a sister perhaps even two of which one at least is 12 years older. Originally, I have fallen for your mom and then found myself in Mongolia with your family and democrats claiming(traumatizing me) me its was my fold your family(sisters/mom) ran from USA. Democrats...I definitely do not blame your family in any way for it, but create yourself idea about whole thing. There might have been even two American natives families that immigrated to Mongolia - both of which I was guilty for in eyes of American democrats.
As far as American natives in USA, I was serious about dating and more daughter of Yellow Horse(NM) who indicated interest under MK Ultra and some in real time, but was illusive enough to somehow avoid crucial meeting - ride to Albuquerque for which she expressed interest...what truly went on with some democrats !!??? They were afraid of me next to republicans in terms on how something between myself and American natives truly could happen...just so you all know. Starts with names such as Biden and Bush...

MK Ultra and reality only have common trade in one if braiwash goes for long enough...for some that are more human(resistant to threats and torture under MK Ultra if subjected too), very bad outcomes in their real personalities can be produced...that's why MK Ultra(play out of satan's book) shouldn't exist in first place.
And you are now really pretty young woman who is on the right track because nothing is worth more than fighting for your own people and nature. Just keep up with good work with best regards to your father, very beautiful from what I remember mother, sister(s) and your people...

 In real time, Indians around Grand Kanyon just as in Ecuador were able to see me buying from them goodies(was interested even in opening my business with them - a trade export to Europe) and I even tried my luck here and then with some girl...under MK Ultra - well...that part my handlers can explain why and how went...I wouldn't waste my brain on it and you shouldn't are beautiful people as far as I am concerned.

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