Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Polish psychologist is out too - I cite her in 2017(brought from Belarus) inside this house inside this room, "will save you from mental hospital, all you have to do is...."

"write keep yours" <==its what I should have written on Facebook according to her instructions after she suspended share her photo option on my Facebook account. Slovenian police, however, drilled(BRAINWASHED ME) me along HER on how they will come to institutionalize me as soon as I would write "keep yours" on what she would come and save me out....and this would be my road to Putin's freedom(his compromise to me).

She prior drilled on if I don't see you doing your stuff that you supposed too(submitting audio proofs)  , I will change quote into "keep them".

Who is going to save you who is going to save you....well not you not.

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