Tuesday, November 10, 2020

ERITREAN Isaias Afwerk(THE ONE WHO FINANCED/MENTORED TEDROS ADHANOM) got his hands on me already in 2002 - named by Bill Clinton alone as a "renaissance African leader"

Isaias Afwerki DEATH THREATENED me personally in 2002 when I was hijacked to Eritrea from Miami by neofascist US Government. Tedros Adhanom not a communist, but instead French colonial butt licker mentored by now Eritrean president(a permanent dictator) Isaias Afwerk because of whom alikes, his real homeland of 120 million souls is chocking. Let me explain, Djibouti via whom problems in region are maintained has landlocked via Eritrea entire Ethiopia which otherwise would 100% open itself to China/India/ Russia and many others willing to trade/develop prosperity on mutual cooperation. It is a big deal when here written fact keeps not only entire region, but quarter of African continent if not more on its knees. 

Because it must be as is its purpose. Small with just one million people, poor as hell and as such easily controllable via high tech French foreign legion point is why(don't need much effort or to risk to totally control one and use it for colonial destabilization of the region purposes is why)

Bizarre situation(AGAIN) when it comes to United Nations alone - one has to ask him/herself how could it be that people like TEDROS ADHANOM serve in organization as such when....

From Wikipedia: In June 2015 a United Nations panel accused Isaias of leading a totalitarian government responsible for systematic human rights violations that may amount to crimes against humanity.[15] Amnesty International believes that the government of President Isaias Afwerki has imprisoned at least 10,000 political prisoners. Amnesty also claims that torture—for punishment, interrogation and coercion—is widespread.[16]

The government of Eritrea denies the allegations and in turn accuses Amnesty International of supporting a political agenda of "regime change".

It doesn't matter what people want - what matters are actions of few just as the case is today in Poland/Czech rep.(Morawiecki/ Andrzej Duda, Andrej Babis) Instead of prosperity, people allow America.
Super wealthy countries otherwise....

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