Tuesday, November 10, 2020

THE UGLY TRUTH: With the Armenian past as an Armenian, I would play very very moderate politic and keep with Russia as close as possible - possibly re-assimilate in one as independent state, but under no circumstances ever repeat what was war stunt of 2020 known also as Donald Trump's presidential CAMPAIGN

Its not difficult to understand who/why/ what. 
Naaaah, they were about to slit throats to Russians/ Poles - not only Jews during WWII. USSR which forgave Armenian past also granted one independence through and due to which would be idiotic from Russian side to expose itself to potential Pakistani/Turkish nukes. Armenians who are treated with special privileges in Russia, should therefore perhaps reapply for Armenian state within Russian federation if worried about existence.

 Donald Trump = Adolf Hitler #2 and campaigning for one is campaigning for Lucifer.

Christian radicalism - now that is complete IDIOTISM we as a humans can't afford anywhere o this globe.

I never ever will return to Amerikka because of what you see here. Paula White and Kenneth Copeland were two Trump palls that Trump used to traumatize me when having me drugged up.

Minister of the Occupied Territories and Racial Theorist Alfred Rosenberg declared that the Armenians were Indo-European, or Aryans, and thus they were immediately subject to conscription. According to Versteeg, however, "Although Armenians officially were considered 'Aryans', the notion of them being 'Levantine traders', similar to the Jews, was deep-seated in Nazi circles, and racial 'purists' along with Hitler himself were prone to look upon the Armenians as 'non-Aryans.'"[12] 


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