Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Note left on a kitchen table for few days already - says high blood pressure

I would rate one as exploding(24/7 for three years) sure, but it doesn't matter as WHO chief Tedros Adhanom and António Guterres at United Nations are there to protect violence against me. 

Remember ear drums game via directed energy weapons !!???? Remember directed energy play in Grotnikah where high blood pressure was timed for 05 am(I think it was 05am you can go over blog) exactly every day and this regardless of how much sleep one would get !!????

Yes, they are out to kill me for three years already via this very issue. It matters to me, however, not.

Note seen above(off course if for my father not me) and even fathers' behavior(his complains about headaches) are 100% play from MK Ultra book they orchestrated prior to this against me. Slovenia continues with violence.

Parents continue along with relatives to now nothing about what went on under MK Ultra. They in fact know nothing about MK Ultra - get agitated if I only try(I tried once) to gesture anything in respect my being here during what should have been absence or when staying in USA between 1995 to mid 2006 and its why I do not ask. The note was complimented with few day earlier https://www.google.com/search?q=Production+Technician+%28C61540%29&tbm=isch&chips=q:production+technician+c61540,online_chips:syndrome&hl=en-GB&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiWwpuMzYntAhUB76QKHcEuD5cQ4lYoBnoECAEQGw&biw=1148&bih=626#imgrc=gjEvhR7CMHWCAM   response on a job search for which I have submitted application just to remind me of what goes on and several God knows how creepy scenarios they brainwashed me with - anywhere from what they gestured is wireless sensors that they installed in my head to poisoning/brain tumors to instruments they insisted they use to detect issues in human remotely...SHIZOA AND HEADACHE REALITY FOR THREE YEARS. They are to primitive all together for me to pay attention to. I see no need to care for it either if no one within government organizations supposedly designed to protect human beings cares.

Paper seen above nothing more than provocation(I am not saying under any circumstances that father indeed is not experiencing headaches - a real health problems - he most likely does, however, he also follows MK Ultra scenario what makes whole game look as insane as it gets specially because of what Slovenian government have done to me via psychiatry) - therefore violent shizoa which Slovenian state continues with. Thats all. A provocation stunt. 

Production technician is job selected for Slovenia as is not even remote - meaning Slovenian job market was targeted. Answer to application took just as long or enough to prove the point seen above....

The shizoic answer which took over a month...

When US Government tormented me in Poland, they insisted I will endup in one on a wheelchair - basically suffer stroke - wish to die etc...stuff done is a torture that goes on even as I write this. The thoughts alone on what I was told case will be would make anyone uncomfortable if not really strong - easily insane.

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