Friday, November 27, 2020

Quick fix - about Putin's bodyguard(one of his bodyguards) in Slovenia

I was wrong when initialy suggesting "drinking coffee(next to Putin) from his hands was a Russian roulette - chances for survival depend on his boss Vladimir Putin"....

This individual and NOOOO OTHER INDIVIDUAL(Shoigu was actually really good man in contrast to Putin) was the only individual whom you were able to relax - joke with. He was soft and nice while his partner was scary one - he, however, as he told me too would do if ordered(they were two - team and there were others)

Nevertheless this guys personally poisoned several people that entered our house. If you had coffee delivered by them, it meant you were dead. On one occasion, one of Putin's bodyguards literately not only replaced with interrogations his boss Putin, but explained to me how its done, told me plan to murder my teacher of math who would tutor me in private since grammar school, and have me seat in living room explaining me every detail of assassination while preparing coffee for him and our family on what one served them coffee while those chanted on a terrace - serving father two/husband with selected cup of coffee on what he observed them drinking each his cup...these were as murderous as it gets people and as far as my family/close friends - cancer exploded. The next thing as he explained to me was poison collecting itself in intestines on what victim would begun according to him as he observed time and again experience bigger and bigger health issues till surgeries and other stuff(suffering) removed one from the world. No escape and even repeated if needed. Such luxurious goodies were imported from United States of America and London.

No way you would know who guy is unless you would know one personally - there is no photo of one on internet or anything that would state what I stated and that is that he was a bodyguard of Putin - he arrived a bit late in my case - he joined Putin on his trips as regular to Slovenia sometimes in 2001 as Putin had other guys as regulars thats that. I am real deal yeah. I have seen stuff most of you don't even dream about. Entire Rand Paul/ Mitt Romney/ Bachman/ Perry delegation stopped coming over...they feared for their miserable AMERICAN NEONAZI ASSES WHILE ASSURING I WOULD FIND MYSELF ON EACH AND EVERY PLANE TO EUROPE MEETING HERE STATED.

Above mentioned victim was Rudi Moravec - my private tutor and foremost friend.

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