Friday, November 13, 2020

REPEATED: Polish psychologist Justyna Kedzierska is out too - I cite her in 2017(brought from Belarus) inside this house inside this room, "will save you from mental hospital, all you have to do is...."

"write keep yours" <==its what I should have written on Facebook according to her instructions after she suspended share her photo option on my Facebook account. Slovenian police, however, drilled(BRAINWASHED ME) me along HER on how they will come to institutionalize me as soon as I would write "keep yours" on what she would come and save me out....and this would be my road to Putin's freedom(his compromise to me).

She prior drilled on if I don't see you doing your stuff that you supposed too(submitting audio proofs)  , I will change quote into "keep them".

It was too many people that attempted to save me...attempted and way too often.

One thing US Government will never ever be capable to state to a any government out there and that is "its just a game"...that I promise you.

As far as psychologist - I wish her the best of the best in this life and to keep on her mind to mind her own business from here on. No, it wasn't Microsoft's edge as Gates insisted that will give me chance to open all new profile on facebook as undetected after some 10 or more attempts to open Facebook account failed - account was really strange as one appeared as totally secluded one too just as was told case will be and even told by her to not delete it here seen as then there is nothing she could do etc etc...I will not. Stunt she produced wasn't the first one and although seen here cluster was a frequent job of American psychologist involved in MK Ultra, one is identical to the one in Grotnikah during 2018 sent to me via messenger.

@Justyna I owe you $$$ once case gets through(even that you already earned big via this case), but thats all.

News was published day after elections even that she triggered one just prior to elections(not her first time either) as I was considerate enough to ensure that even something like this wouldn't hurt few hearts out there. 

 I am also NOT interested in your Israeli friend with whom you bargained in case etc. etc....ITS MY LIFE !!!

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