Monday, November 30, 2020

Google asks how many Australian soldiers were killed in Afghanistan - not how many Afghani civilians(moms working dads/brothers/sons) were slaughtered by imperial Hitler alike SS boys who came to seed death/destruction and foremost civil war across entire Asia in the name of freedom

Google is truly funny. A bit to funny for my taste.

Based on what I have seen here, occupation of Afghanistan by NATO not any different from German WWII occupation of eastern Europe. This is what Slovenia used to look like 75 years ago except that our people have collectively chosen to become winners in German extermination attempt. Not victims.

United Nations doesn't side with victims, but with what in the past was acknowledged as ultimate evil and this via silence.

Yeah, and I just knew that someone LOVES connection to Afghanistan 

Just as I stated - like Slovenia 75 years ago !!! Dražgoše and almost every village.

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