Thursday, November 19, 2020

Armenian prime minster Nikol Pashinyan is a terrorist and now also a proven war criminal(much more than just warmonger)

 Azerbajian has every right to file case against one - I know I will.  He murdered civilians and is the main cause for war as one campaigned for war no less than 23/24 years. First street Trump stayed at was his street - his residence in Ijevan(yenokavan) and I know so because I was there and can give detailed account about what took place. Donald Trump counted and still counts to continue his presidency via war in Armenia. Is not over. Donald Trump became with war act in Armenia a war criminal himself - he incited in war between Azerbajian and Armenia. 

On a photo a first modernized and in some cases newly built housing street in Armenia(Ijevan) since 1995 and this a plane fact because I was in this street when all started.

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