Friday, November 6, 2020

On American 2020 elections compromise which is yet the biggest neonazi scam in a post WWII history of the world - Democrat party is again at it

@Democrat party - Donald Trump is a candidate who appeared ILLEGALY on ballot of US elections in 2020. One appeared there because of you.

I warned your politicians to reveal his crime and crime of Clinton/Bush against me to public on time - 3 months prior to US elections was my dead line. You instead proceeded for me to learn you have had instead even other intentions for me than what you initially advertised me during MK Ultra - what we see as elections results now. Those match as closely as it gets Trump extortions. This translates that you were and are in bed with one another to very today and you even contemplate on possibility to bring him back at your/his convenience. 

Pametni so pa tako da jim kar škodi ;)

Next to election plan with democrat party , Donald Trump also had Germans and French time US elections what resulted in Vienna attack(nonsense suicidal attacks across France exploded after Armenia provoked Christian war with Azerbaijan just month prior to elections as well - another gift to Trump by Putin) for which n
o one even took responsibility of any kind - whole thing is a lie via messaging system.

Republican party is a workhorse - a real identity/image which portrays American politic while Democrat party only serve horse as a backup - something for one to lean on/rest when one is overworked(is facing too many criminal issues)...on what cycles repeat.

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