Monday, November 16, 2020

THE FILTHY PLAY OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Hollywood is 95% politic - 5% of acting

And Hollywood from 1940s no longer exists. It was wiped away gradually - listed by deep US state as the main threat to future neonazism upbringings. It was Patrick Schwarzenegger who insisted on my cooperation with Kardashians. Each individual in Hollywood is classified to serve issues of fourth reich according to his/her specifications. US Government stabbed in back by placing me in areas with highest potential conflict for Russia, China, and Muslim world - basically those with whom they have war. Eritrea, Israel, Armenia...I couldn't understand how it was possible to be almost simultaneously in Lebanon and in Israel - simultaneously in Armenia and in Azerbajian and Turkey - simultaneously in Eritrea and Ethiopia while having other governments bitch me on my conduct...I DO NOW. Today I do because I understand the backstabbing German lie game.

Brought to Germany for a neonazi visits for Germany to distribute lies behind my back...brought to Belarus by Germans and to Germany with Russian opposition where they pose wit me to lie about my whereabouts to Russian and Belarus KGB on which I had ZERO power to defend myself against.

For every racially motivated stunt, they recorded another two/three scenarios forcing me to repeat and depict different views...but stated above well - thats something different.

Murderous clown politic. How to murder single totally innocent individual from foreign country through the eyes of the world in million and one way and collect $$$$ via one after turning him into a less than slave creature.

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