Wednesday, November 4, 2020

100% RIGGED ELECTIONS OF 2020: What about popular vote !!???? Trumpet's voters are very very loyal to the criminal as are criminals themselves, but

 there is no way 20% of voters casted their votes in US for KKK idiot. People are smart enough to know better when they see mentally ill(criminally insane) person. Specially Americans and this despite 5 rappers whom he purchased via awards and movie/music roles to express support for one within last 5 minutes prior to election date. These are NOT elections of 2016 and those were already duped. People today when compared to 2016(its not Clinton running, but instead Biden/Harris) know Trump is a PROVEN racist neonazi bigot who hates disabled, elderly, women, minorities you name it - I doubt even 20%....

US didn't land that low yet and never ever will. But for this very moment I told you people too, time to fight one was three months prior to US elections. Not today nor tomorrow.

I cite again(told you on my videos few years ago this will be the case) Benjamin Netanyahu, "WE WILL LAUGH TO THEM AS THEY HAD ALL THE PROVES ON THE TABLE RIGHT INFRONT OF THEIR NOSES AND HAVE DONE NOTHING ABOUT IT".


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