Friday, October 16, 2020

Turkey and Iran against tiny Armenia - I feel for people on both sides, but Turkish and Irani politicians are extremists(vicious haters)

I will not condemn Azerbajani or Irani or Turkish for a simple reason - don't want them to feel them uncomfortable if worse comes to worse God forbid(situation could well develop into Syria #2 as Armenia is not a single Christian state on this globe as you know). Why not trade lands on both sides and seek peaceful solution for both parties now when its time before it gets too late !!???? Turkey genocide Armenian people historically - Its how half of Turkey came to life today known as Turkey. Iran too became upon death of Shah Pahlavi nothing more than radical state incapable to handle even own state affairs with peaceful calibrated moderate diplomacy and this in worst since WWII times(during well prepared global nazi triumph). Horror. People get killed on both sides daily and you all know we will have to talk about it sooner than latter. Hundreds of tanks on their way from Turkey to Armenia - hi-tech drones massacre of Armenian armored vehicles bombing of civil population on both sides - death soldiers left and right...conflict which is increasing and not about to stop at any time...whatever is that you do, just stop it.

Nobody wins, but chances to lose homes today and in the future on both sides are greatly reduced. People somehow win and get to keep homes on both sides rather than to search for scraps of bread on streets of smart and stop war.


What are chances for anyone of you not to have at least a little of Armenian DNA in yourself !!????? 

Why not to work for common solution better life together instead of one against another !!???? Think a little bit. Where two have fight its the third one that profits from within.

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