Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Texas guest Vladimir Putin was drugged up already in 2001 - placed on MK Ultra for evaluation by George W. Bush

In 2001 he had a sexual affair in US as one was with his now ex wife, but from 2001 - forget it as Lyudmila Putina stayed home in Moscow. Its when he was engaging and sexual acts with American women Bush provided and was also on MK Ultra for total CIA evaluation.

Walked around like a monkey on the leash. Little ECT and one was good to go back to Russia as new. Bushy's quarters on his ranch are tricky - designed to get one in sleep - have seen room in which Vadimir slept. 

You have noooo idea places they compelled me into to get to me....and you were ALL ALSO STUPID ENOUGH to allow this to go on - you were animals enough to get into American politics game because of few political hyenas which profited from within. Was even life threatened by democrats for their totally irresponsible traitorous behavior for which they assumed no responsibility whatsoever. Claimed me that I didn't behave as normal enough to be helped while alone engaging in violence against me as well - obviously worked hand in hand with one another(quite a few are like this - not all but enough many to cause what we have seen came out) just as the case is with this very elections.

Democrat party needs to cleaned up - get brand new healthy base from within which one should grow. Their disastrous politic brought world at the edge of the WWIII in just 75 years down the road from WWII victory. I am supporter of one as majority are good people(republican party is a regular neonazi nest), but still top did extremely poorly.

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