Saturday, October 31, 2020

Andrej Babish / Babis - Babiš insisted will have police watch my finances and once I would accumulate money via work, Czech police

would follow up against me with extra extortions. Test subjects who would go for winter swim(the only exercise for broken spine) dealt with divers who would descent on our side of the river from the other side with idea as was told "to drown"(its what I was threatened with). Life jackets brought from US in 2006 were used lightly by test subjects - only tested. They insisted me on buying drybag/buoy(when brought to GB in 2012, compelled for a walk to observe group of winter swimmers), I remember winter swimming suits from ebay/aliexpress - most likely 2017 if not even 2015 and for one even was same with watches for swimming. 

As far as teeth they insisted me would portray injured tooth as the one to blame for sound in my head via blood contamination. William insisted them it won't be a problem as they DID pick me up as pleased.

I remember when hijacked in Poland that someone who most likely was Andrzej Duda alone insisted on causing me surgical injury most likely related to spine(could be even that huge loads of work involved didn't do whole damage to spine alone - looks like more than just work took place in Poland during 2019 - regardless, they examined injuries on side/apart from my own visits to hospital where help was declined either way) - as one being also examined as very close to total breakdown. Threatened with  cite, "just one more mistake and you will be on wheelchair". Tooth MOST LIKELY was product of such work as one fell apart just months after hijacking in 2019 even that tooth issues appeared as threat already since 2005.

Tooth most likely NOT a cause for sound in ears as was brainwashed in the end will be the case, but instead poisoning as mother and neighbors insisted on watching food I will get to eat in 2013 upon my return from Poland. THEY FIGURED OUT THAT BARBECUED FOOD, roasted chestnuts, corn syrup, fatty food, would boost one...insisted on taking some vitamin(there is a bunch of vitamins in there ready along aspirin) which however will also not be of any help to me as I would have to go to surgery of gland nodes I think ? Something that would have to be removed for me to even stay alive...

I am not saying that stated above is what hey have done to me - I in fact believe there is some truth in it as scenarios involved in crap via MK Ultra brainwash that lasted 23 years were multiple for every issue they came up with...they also have capacity to play and develop issues according to medical scenarios - I am not the first individual of probability game whose life was thrown on a table via established medical files...Harry/William both learned one thing - both know how to read them and scenarios that did developed from within to selected victims - learned how to "update"(inflict more injuries when quarter conscious about what went on) medical files therefore.

The one who knew all about it is Mr. Tedros Adhanom and for that matter he sucks. He ensured one thing - me being where I shouldn't be and to get me in hands of enemy whenever one requested(YOU COVERED UP FOR ENEMIES TO MAKE MYSELF CLEAR SO THEY COULD DO AS STATED HERE EVEN BY BRITISH ROYALS - THIS IS NOW WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR). Nope, Bill Gates is NOT my friend as brainwashed time and again in Poland. Both are proven enemies employed by CIA. Tedros Adhanom is hiding his face behind public defense he expressed for China - reality is totally different(he exhorted my silence with his future defense for China and insisted on how he will be nothing capable to do for one if I open my mouths about one - think about civil war in Belarus in 2020 for which UN ensured protesters would last on streets of Minsk by smuggling in country large sums of cash ahead of attack as early as 15 years as beginning is not more).

Wherever I stayed in Poland, it was dentist signs that followed up on me - upon my arrival same repeated in Slovenia where demonstrated these from up close already in 2013/2015...warned about coming tooth crises. Audio and video recorded. Brainwash which took place in 2015 on how I will be financially broke and every attempt to obtain work will be followed up on me luckily also recorded as one of people involved in city of Novo mesto reminded me of what went on by walking text to me when attaching small flyer where offering English lessons...neighbor across the road insisted in 2010 would report me to employment inspectors if one would observe anywhere any sign related to my offering private services all the way to his family toward direction of Straza...because test subjects inspected every aspect / possibility I could use to survive...taken for a ride and threatened with issues like this. This is also what MK Ultra was used for. Presented me where to hide and where not future recordings I would bring along from Poland...MUST HIDE THEM OR WE WILL GET AHOLD OF cards/USB keys were best according to Trump alone...real bestialia - your heroes.

And what is this good for !!???? If you people don't find way, it sure will be too late to come forward once you loose your options. If you loose elections and get stranded on streets with more and more lockdowns and protests, I will be capable to do nothing for you. Don't come to me once its too late...time to act was already 3 months ago and you keep waiting and going about what exactly !?!!??? Its lies whoever tells you to wait...each chance passed means closer to the end. The more you wait, the more you loose - the less you have - wait game is a lie.

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