Tuesday, October 13, 2020

We will add to video about Kurdish friend data as following(IN CASE SOMEONE WANTS TO ARGUE WITH MY MEMORY)

Building seen on video(crossing point between Belarus/Poland) was just dressed into wood - covered into wood. Cosmetically rearranged(dressed in wood as I stated). Last portion of building was remodeled in the back of the building...this was a cemented - greenish colored building(light green - pale color)...cube alike building with another entrance in the rear - adjacent to one was some kinds of trailer or something(another smaller cube in the rear)...in the back once remodeled all went under one roof and possible is that portion of rear was even removed such as little long cube along which was entrance into the building....last remodelled was portion of whatever is in the rear...We would enter through here into Belarus from Poland since 1997 or even earlier...here is remodeling over the time which even guards probably remember no more(rail attendants in Poland didn't any longer but I did - it pays off to play stupid at times - I was questioned on what I remembered and if I did remembered electroshocks most severe with all kinds of fake scenarios followed up on me).

Delaying IMMEDIATE admission of crime against me that deprived me of 26 years is a crime itself !!!

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