Tuesday, October 27, 2020

En Español: MK Ultra in Dallas Texas via George Bush latter Donald Trump

Video can be seen also at https://youtu.be/5Abo3E7PIJA
Este video está en idioma español. Emanuel was involved in MK Ultra since 1998. He worked as labor worker all over Fort Worth area from almost day 1(early, but not total beginnings) since new money begun to pour into US economy FROM OUTSIDE - I have explained about trade between East/West where they had me participate as a human toy/slave. This was designed to be Republican election stunt via George Bush - fact of the matter is that Bush never had any honest intentions with me(LIED ABOUT BECOMING TIRED OR MY NOT PAYING ATTENTION DURING MK ULTRA FOR THIS VERY REASON - USED ME FOR TOTALLY OTHER REASONS) and have released his funds into US economy once money begun to circulate in one from outside - a classic counter productive parasite squeezing and sickening Americans is how I see it as...not even a capitalist, but hard core neonazi. 

@George Bush - I will thank you if I even manage to land you in jail as is nothing in you other than evil. Its how Republicans bought people's will to vote for them over time - via stunts - scams - crimes and foremost job extortions. This is real Texas.

I had to wait no less than 26 years to have video like this released - fact of the matter is that Western hemisphere didn't deserve for me to waste brain on one. There are proofs like this all over one and they somehow survived despite bestial ECTs that went on all along.

Emanuel used to live in a very impossible circumstances when he first commenced his work there - for TOP LOW MONEY TOO - he transferred there from Miami, but insisted - once we visited one in Fort Worth, he obtained a better and closer to work location.

Emanuel was involved in my case since most likely even 1996/1997...

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