Friday, October 30, 2020

Not only should Scotland proclaim independence from UK, Britain alone should proclaim London as independent state apart, so London can proclaim Buckingham palace as totally independent state within London state

I would also place mental asylum warning sign from either way one would enter to Buckingham palace area from London...I think Irish and Scottish and British English etc. would get along with one another very well as long as those signs would stay in place in front of Buckingham palace...

Getting out of UK was first step and now lets follow through with other logical steps to free ourselves from total lunacy. 

Cars, palaces political statues have determined my well being for quite some time, however, I have proven my mental state to be overall in excellent condition despite those - what do they have they can use to prove their mental state's well beings !!???? I was diagnosed as mentally ill by these apparatchiks...what about them !!????? The whole world is at the brink of the WW3 !!! They cause over 70million deaths just 75 years ago and are about to multiply this several times....
Both wonderful brave young Wondsors entrusted me with secret on how the two remind Charles to laugh via videos - facial photos which they took of me during funny torture procedures....I should according to the two be in fact grateful to keep me alive this thank you to all even that I have plans of my own for all of you in case your plans fall apart somehow.

Its now front covers of news outlets they inherit or corrupt that determine OUR mental health state...

If humanity breaks breaks away from mental slavery to point at this very case, Coronavirus(CROWN VIRUS) will set one free for good.

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