Friday, October 16, 2020

COVID 19 - CORONAVIRUS now scientifically proven a intergovernment cleanup of public(war on humanity) operation

Why have they CLAIMED OUT LOUD for months that number of infected was reduced when one was in fact increasing itself according to new statistics - governments alone removed restrictions for people for months !!! What happened in meanwhile !!???? Detectors used in process to detect virus lied and now are working again !!??? Acceptable theory !!????

Detectors at times work and on other months not is not really truth...detectors aren't sensitive to summer/winter issues even that am certain people out there exist who would love to dispute this info to prove here written is a self made conspiracy theory - not a government conspiracy theory....

Fact of the matter is that in crowds of dead people even if virus is close to non existing, by using fake deaths(those who die even of natural causes or totally other symptoms are written under virus as a cause of death) you can murder a lots of people opposing your government agenda and thats yet another fact which can't be disputed. Heil Hitlah....
Lobby for WWIII is huge. No doubt....the worst is that those on hot plate(those who will suffer worst consequences of one) won't even move with finger to stop one. So be it.

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