Tuesday, October 20, 2020

I also apologize to mentioned psychiatric staff at Queen Elizabeth(Dr. Heather Keizer and minister Mr. James Aylward) and specially to Ellen Taylor WHERE HELD AGAINST MY WILL WHILE ABDUCTED(hijacked) REPEATEDLY FROM USA AND EUROPE AND TORTURED ON BEHALF OF BUCKINGHAM PALACE

Related to https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/prince-edward-island/pei-sobriety-addictions-during-covid-1.5700758

Ellen Taylor involved all of them into MK Ultra am certain with idea to help https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/prince-edward-island/pei-mental-health-unit-9-psychiatric-ward-qeh-1.5763607 <== seen here are her friends(they became her friends through this case) whom she knows now for already well over decade. 

Ellen Taylor knows Kayla Broderick for at least decade and half(about 17 years I estimate) and Melissa LeBlanc for no less than 12 years - she prompted me at first that she yet has to meet her and I wouldn't able to say the two know each other, but latter whole thing became so social that is totally undeniable. I think Ellen Taylor truly did attempted on helping out and so did Kayla and others...

Dr. Heather Keizer, chief of mental health and addictions for P.E.I., knew what went on was wrong. Very very wrong, yet she claimed there is less and less she possibly could do about it what I also believe her.

Queen Elizabeth PSYCHIATRIC Hospital in Charlottetown as I remember one(I refuse to remember about one anything else) is located on notorious Prince Edward's Island where I was brought since 1995. London acted as if I was their property(slave) since 1995 and this with full consent of US Government despite my obtaining even US citizenship in 2000.

ps. There is at list a little truth in every lie and I learned to reject turning that little truth into a lie to spare what is known as hope. If we all do as stated here(reject to become hope killers), humanity could be saved - not only person/two....

I was wrong.

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