Friday, October 30, 2020


It won't be only France. I told you about Poland what one will be used for(its now German "ante up" game), but go ahead and play...even child could figure out what goes on.

Putin finally pumped enough gas into submerged plane with American aid for one to lifts itself up and be dragged to shores of Caspian sea with aid of submarines  - one was meant as declaration of WW3(obligation to one) from Russian side

 Nothing like nuclear blasts along radioactive rain(much more exciting and deadly than Coronavirus) - will go past Poland even far beyond Moscow...nuclear chain reaction is related also to variety of countries not only single detonation of bomb - those work almost on same principles as Teutonic plates(underwater detonations not new)...
We have Armenian prime minster of Russian government by the name Lavrov(NOW INSTIGATING INTO WAR IN ARMENIA) and AmeroGerman human rights "concern" for Muslim Uighur minority in China during total neonazi unfolded assault on United States democracy(THEY HATE MUSLIMS TO DEATH, BUT CONCERN BECOMES USEFULL WHEN IN NEED TO EXHTORT CHINA INTO WAR CONFLICT) VIA HOLLYWOOD AND OFF COURSE UNITED NATIONS SLEEPING ON ITS A$$$...

@Vladimir Putin - Muslim countries have nukes too and many nukes in fact. Coming WW3 massacre will be like no other boy boy :))))) heard saw know nothing heh....hehehe

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