Wednesday, October 28, 2020

French fascist(royal proxy from France - neonazi collaborator) Emanual Macron doesn't have problem with Islam only - he has GRAND problem with French women too

On one side Erdogan and other what Macron alone reproaches to Erdogan. 
From Charlie Hebdo cartoon showing Erdogan ‘in private’ to physical attack on Western freedom values(freedom of expression) in the middle of Paris. Macron does suffer from mental as Erdogan a fact undeniable.

@Macron - would be nice for you to return jobs to French workers which you did with idea to raise fascism/intolerance. 

Islam burned all over Mideast...millions exiled from Iran/Syria/Africa and for the sake of Kosovo which Macron and his London bosses with idea to trigger Slavic society into new crusade gave to Albania(bombed Serbia) can clearly see what goes on heh...

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