Wednesday, October 28, 2020

In 20+ years from today is what I was told, jobs will be gone - union jack will remind you where to get handouts instead

Everyone invested in something when in city of Novo mesto...words to Harry in 1998 were what will London come up with to "help Bobby"(also one of the names I used)...have you heard anything...

Surprising answer was, "charity organization". Answer nobody understood till some 1999 when Harry alone explained on the side that Buckingham palace plans on a major employment breakdown - today evident on much more than just economic breakdown as we faced virus issues and many others as well...Words entrusted to us were by Harry alone. Teach them to eat from hands rather than allowing them to take destiny in own hands. Harry HATED Slovenia with passion.

This building for which Buckingham palace planned Karitas already in 1997 was identified 3 weeks ago or so....

Jobs come and go, but handouts stay and this is how you teach THEM to look up to you through hardest times - Harry's early lessons to me.

Super business with early beginnings in 1839 in China...go figure out why/how.

GEE - I SHOULDN'T POST ANY OF THESE BECAUSE HARRY WILL HAVE DIFFICULTY TO RECOGNIZE MY CASE AS VALID - YOU SEE(ACORDING TO MK ULTRA BANWASH), I AM MAKING DIFFICULT FOR GOD HARRY AND GODS FROM BUCKINGHAM PALACE TO "HELLLPPPP ME" <== violence was brutal, but what this scum came up with for me not to resist one and give in even after everything would become clear was just unbelievable. Nothing humane about them Since day number ONE. They murdered numerous without a single public meauuumawmaw from those - with great reason trust me. Its 2020 and we still have Cholera swine flue with aid(s)ed Coronavirus hunting us...boy boy boy its like heading backwards not forwards in time with all inventions humanity made - soon to be again


Super dooper professional con artists - family ran business(from grandma and grandpa up - though in cribs as newborn how to lie/cheat/still and kill) in GB, Canada, and Australia - they had me in all of the above and hijacked me even to India to pose there with me....amazing.

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