Friday, October 16, 2020

BRUTAL REALITY FOR SLAVIC STATES: In a shadow of Crimea/Donetsk failure, British take another cornerstone in direction of Moscow

Future of Slavic states looks bleak(doomed to dead end) is all I can say. Russians wouldn't even cover here seen news as was/is best to pretend to not see one.
@Ukraine - its occupation not help of any kind. @Russia - was Putin worth price you paid and what is coming next !!????

Coming toward Moscow in every aspect possible. 
Russia lost its leadership totally - depends on West just as heroin addict depends on heroin. Related to German call in Belarus for second Tiananmen Square

This is what saw nothing/ heard nothing, and know nothing takes you....Orwellianism game like no other - nothing like it(feel for Czechs, Slovaks, Ukrainians, and all that are or about to enter EU). HORROR !!!

Without firing a single bullet - Adolf Hitler couldn't even imagine anything like this possible within just 22 years.

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