Saturday, October 17, 2020

Since I pointed into crime of Czech PM Andrej Babis(known also as 'Czeski Trump'), Czech republic became a volcano(epicenter) of new COVID19 cases in Europe - Daily new COVID-19 cases exceed 10,000 in Czech Republic

From Slovenian RTV Slovenija reports 11.000 per day :))))

There are only 11 mil. people in Czech rep. 

Lukashenko if filthy as Babich, could have just as much or even more money if he only would be willing to sell his own people....

@Belarus opposition - get sobered !!! My car was vandalized on September 13th of 2020 - compare to graph...once they get in, its impossible to get them out and you can see right here why. If you loose home is one thing, but loosing homeland means you will never ever again have home. No such thing as free breakfast in America....

When cleansing(murdering outspoken opposition), attribution of death from other causes of death to deadly instrument which in this case is COVID 19 is of main importance = THE democracy. 

@Poland/Ukraine - When they get in its impossible to get them out...

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