Sunday, October 18, 2020

In 1996/1997 when brought to Belarus, Lukashenko had escape plan for me but he got himself almost in trouble because of one - this was the only realistic(something I alone agreed upon back then) escape plan that someone brought to my knowledge

Tanja Tanjushka from Brest got her first apartment rental in vicinity of her job...Lukashenko decided to just dump me into her life to what I didn't objected - this was probably most beautiful girl in entire Brest if

not in entire Belarus...but we got in arguments with one another - real Lukashenko's plan to get me out of AmeroGerman madness failed even more after they found out about plan and Moscow was contacted...his plan included a sum of 15.000/30.000($?) of something that would be enough to get both of us going forward with life...This is the very girl I met at the bank where she receptionist where she worked as receptionist 6 months ago or coming next(know her since 1995). Video in which I tell more about Brest since 1995 and on...

In contrast to Lukashenko, London/Berlin branded me as good as dead on a day 1 of this now 26 years long murderous ordeal. 

Bestial yes. They are beasts hiding behind new EU members(POLAND, CZECH, SLOVAKIA, SLOVENIA, CROATIA, BULGARIA) on their way to take down entire Slavic society through what they refer to us as "human rights". They use mentioned countries as a hostage shield in a war toward east - against our own nations.

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