Sunday, October 18, 2020

16 days to death

 Its what your "2020 US elections" are. At least you are getting real feel of what I have gone through over the years specially in Poland/Czech recently.

Donald Trump loves to f**** with sanity of people...will push you over the edge folks, so keep waiting...give him more time and think "if he will leave the country" in case of lost elections to Biden as he stated today...

Wake up or die dummies. Silence is not an answer to their Coronavirus game.

Grammies, film role$$, discounted properties, and so on are one thing, but loosing homeland is another....if you loose home, you may be fortunate enough to get another one or two or more in life time - if you lose homeland(think about video bellow), you will never get another chance for home.

Sounds to me more like a threat and repeated gesture of few corrupt stars who already insisted to people on leaving country if he wins elections...

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