Tuesday, October 27, 2020

This is what United States of America via Polish collaborators attempted to do with me - this is what they claimed me for 20 years case will be

Breaking me spine with heavily loaded backpacks which I was forced to improperly carry in Poland and I am certain surgical procedures. Its now totally clear and proven abut what they had going on along electroshocks. I have described symptoms in details. Trump told me in 2005 exactly the type of spine injury I will have and its very possible that have one because of his son out of wedlock from Colorado(Chris) which might have demanded from one to cause me one as he alone might have suffered due to total stupidities(greed and ignorance) similar injury - demonstrated me exact corner of spine which will be problematic.

Donald Trump and George Bush who made to one all possible both dreamed about making me crippled for life - demonstrated me Stephen William Hawking in wheelchair on 100 occasions over the years via brainwashers they hired....

Wanted to kill God in me - aha, we will see how this will go along.

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