Saturday, October 31, 2020

So who is more credible/real now !!?????

 Myself or Putin/ Charles/ William/Harry/ Trump /Merkel/ Macron/Babis/ Morawiecki Duda etc. !!???? 

Compared to what you see supported with facts on this very news site and with what you see on front cover magazines/TV etc...who/what represents to you as fake news and who a real news !!????? 

What kinds of world do we subsist in !!!??? 

Who is running this world - normal or mentally ill people(politicians) !!?????

Because of this people, I lost 26 years of life of which 14 years was forced unemployment - brainwashed me with lies/tortured - labeled me as insane - wracked my spine...poisoned used directed energy weapons...this are not people nor animals...

They(卐 卍) love to look sophisticated, but their ONLY sophistication is only a historical pattern of lies and abuse(violence).

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