Sunday, October 25, 2020

Idea on breaking spines was born by Donald Trump observing either William H. McRaven(most lilley) or U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton in 1996 in city of Novo mesto - Slovenia

Either of the two has severe spine problems for you to note. This led most likely was Mr. William H. McRaven who would every morning RELIGIOULSY go for a swim even in a local stream not too far from our house in Novo mesto. As politicians observed man, they noted that his mental abilities wee connected with his attitude toward life - obligation to exercise daily to avoid further spine problems worsening. So now you know who the man was behind breaking spines/how and WHY(Trump is just a showman - he collects when you pay and gets others to also play) !!!

Sport of breaking spines was born sometimes in 2000 or so....early test subjects escaped ordeals and have paid 1/10 of price - if...

I have nothing against William H. McRaven for that matter...sick man who promoted spine breaking can be seen right here - is also the man who claimed along his children will kill God in me. Had American MK Ultra brainwashers demonstrate me Stephen W. Hawking in wheelchair while claiming me how I will end - for 20 + years just so you know...I the pet goat.

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