Saturday, October 31, 2020

In solidarity with women, I will place my Christian crosses to drawer temporary - if things don't change really soon then permanently(will toss them into a trash bin where they will remain for good)

 This is not Christianity - it is FACSISM. Polish state along Vatican have clearly failed to act on time !!! Its happening again !!! 

Job of civilized society is to take care of human dignity and assure basics of health care to anyone (its human right and not what criminal Trump's cartel tries to sell to American taxpayers). With people like Kaczynksi/Duda MOrawiecki is necessary to do the same as was done with nazi collaborators - publicly trial and get read of(ditch scum) them just as was done via Nurnberg trials after 1945.

Attack on women is not coincidence - its a well planned synchronized global assault on humanity. In one country attack on that issue and another on that issue...once those human rights issues are overran, they only synchronize them across the globe and hang swastikas publicly worldwide. Corona crises which they created are helpful factor in enforcing fascism as those even prohibit public gatherings and intensify mental struggle in those most affected. 


Polish hospitals begin turning away women seeking abortions

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