Friday, October 23, 2020

Dortmund, Germany IDENTIFIED - There is only one thing I regret

Whole city didn't BLEW itself up(I estimate 1998 and up). Federal German police arrived from Berlin during MK Ultra and blamed me for civil war in Dortmund in front of Angela Merkel and her assistants, but seems didn't mind because regardless of what I have done - they never ever  interfered to do their job. Italian embassy, Bibi, Zara, Idiotes(named after myself as I would refer to locals as)...Dortmund identified.
It was so funny hehehe hahaaha look at him haha...but within few days it was fun no more😂😆😈
There is only one thing left to do and that is to arrest entire German government along federal police - charged them with attempt to exterminate Slovenian national with also US citizenship.

They wished for hatred, and I gave them more than what they could handle...drugged up defenseless(and beaten up here and then and life threatened etc.) yet city went up in flames.

Dortmund made me wish for more bad I could have done when subject to MK Ultra(you have no idea how many times I heard "we are from police blah blah" and then "but we can't help you out") if only small innocent people who did cared about me wouldn't suffer...but they did many cases. This is what is sad about all these...

After police would tell me(was like this everywhere - in Budapest I got into fight with US marines infront of police calling for police when hijacked just to be laughed at). I NO LONGER WOULD SEE THEM AS POLICE, but instead just as regular didn't matter all the badges they pushed in my face after they disrespected law under MK Ultra - I WAS 100% CORRECT !!! 

If only wasn't for small people that paid price for me, I would be singing right now from joy.
I almost succeeded in making so called "leaders" wipe itself out in Dortmund in 2000 - I estimate, but it didn't go through somehow(they were on toes - close)...they were never ever were as humiliated by anyone in their life time anywhere else in the world as they were in Dortmund - I tell you that do...yeah you remember what I was doing to you DRUGGED UP IN DORTMUND !!! YOU WILL NEVER FORGET THAT !!!

It all ended with half of so called German liberals taking off their masks on what minorities were financed since Angela could hide shame infront of the world ;) Minorities got awarded then and again today basically.

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