Monday, October 26, 2020

The key to Belarus protests is to cut domestic traitors from source of income - AmeroGerman "protests" in Belarus are financed from outside

Thats all that needs to be done. American machinery made agreement ahead of coup d'etat with key Belarus traitors about $$$$ distribution that will support crime against Belarus people on a long run. I KNOW SO BECAUSE I WAS TOLD SOME 10 YEARS AHEAD OF WHAT YOU SEE NOW. Research for source of income(incl. postal options), cut that away, take possession of private properties, charge with each with grand treason, and after serving sentence ensure they ever get another job - so they can go to those who paid them to kill own people. They murder on the West as you see(and even in eastern Europe already) by placing people on forced unemployment - and this people who have nothing  to do or want nothing to do with politics. Thats all - find out who financed or is even financing operation and cut that source.
Nothing to worry - they have where to go, but we who ran from West don't.

In reality all of these bandits are as good as dead once across the border - West produced million and one way to murder UNWANTED human beings(useful idiots as seen here) via its "democratic"(demonic) ways supported with "human rights organizations" of which leaderships and staff also takes part in genocide. Brutal yeah, but not worth good people loosing their homes.

For here stated and for banner pointing into Merkel as a source of crime, I was told by United Nations apparatchiks will be the reason for blocking my claim about 10 years ago - UNITED NATIONS KNEW ABOUT COMING BELARUS WAR UNLESS AMERICAN GOVERNMENT IMITATED ONE AS WELL....UNPRECDENTED EVILL. Interesting enough, UN handles immigration in Belarus.

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