Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Not difficult to understand what is happening or is it

We have Morawiecki, Duda, Viktor Orban, Andrej Babis and few other hyenas hiding behind names such as Poland, Czech rep., Hungary etc. and we have AGAIN German aggression against eastern Europe(war on Russia/Belarus foremost) protected by NATO hiding behind EU where Poland/Czech rep./Slovenia are also members states so suspicion of attack(blame) can be redistributed...its a classic form of nazism/fascism we have seen in the past https://hungarytoday.hu/hungary-signs-trumps-anti-abortion-declaration-poland-and-belarus-us/

The question is now whose countries our countries are...those belong to us either us THE PEOPLE or to politicians(few greedy hyenas) supported from Germany/USA hired to kill us on their behalf !!! 

The time to decide about who/what is here !!! Its either us or them !!! Time to charge them with attempt to restore nazism - not just regular crimes...they pledged their lives against us to Adolf Hitler make no mistake !!!

If we don't judge them, they will judge us and our children !!! They already tried 75 years ago when over 70 million lives were lost !!! Its again same people same thing repeating over again.

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