Saturday, October 17, 2020

CIA's(LONDONIA IN THE NAME OF BERLINIA) CORONAVIRUS WAR ON HUMANITY: How Thomas Cook, a 178-year-old British travel company and airline, declared bankruptcy on one early Monday morning in September of 2019 months prior to CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK <== ITS HOW "DEMOCRACY" WORKS(not the only company)

I don't have time to argue with Hitlers any longer on Coronavirus issue due to my own MK Ultra issues, but read this news and do your own research on who knew and sold what ahead of pandemic to understand where whole thing is coming from and why. 

Understand what suffered the most during so called "crises" for which China was blamed for and go back in time to see who sold what in 2018/2019 in

respect to coming crises in which poor lost their homes while numerous were killed, so WWIII war agenda could march on.

It is blatantly stupid to assume even for a second that anyone out there wouldn't know who is behind it i stated no time to dirt my site any longer with COVID or even US elections cluster(I DON'T BELIVE IN DOCTORS THAT CREATE DESEASES TO CURE THEM - WHAT TRUMP AND HIS REPUBLICAN PARTY TRADITIONALLY ARE - its how from public education to police and everything in between became destroyed and is in process of replacement via private theft/robbery - it helps when you know with certainty government made catastrophe is coming and when to purchase it back at the right time if anything is left for purchase - perhaps take insurance ahead of event - we have seen this process time and again).

Black people despite disproportionate poverty issues didn't suffer during COVID crises anywhere even near on African continent as much as they did in US is yet another factor to consider when deciding on who/why.

For this stage, they claimed me would become evident as per who/what but won't be possible to stop mentioned above any longer....I think time to stop WWIII still exists, but not with Orwellian saw/heard and know nothing game. Efforts(choking brainwash) for me to take side against China during the course of MK Ultra in respect to coming COVID crises were almost endless.

Roughly 600,000 travelers are stranded around the world after the British travel provider Thomas Cook declares bankruptcy

Thomas Cook, a 178-year-old British travel company and airline, declared bankruptcy early Monday morning, suspending operations and leaving hundreds of thousands of tourists stranded around the world.

The travel company operates its own airline, with a fleet of nearly 50 medium- and long-range jets, and owns several smaller airlines and subsidiaries, including the German carrier Condor. Thomas Cook still had several flights in the air as of Sunday night but was expected to cease operations once they landed at their destinations.

Condor posted a message to its site late Sunday night saying that it was still operating but that it was unclear whether that would change. Condor's scheduled Monday-morning flights appeared to be operating normally.

About 600,000 Thomas Cook customers were traveling at the time of the collapse, of whom 150,000 were British, the company told CNN.

AirplanThe company was still selling tickets until Sunday night in the UK.

One Plymouth, England-based traveler who had booked a vacation to the Greek island of Zakynthos for August 2020 told Business Insider that she saw Thomas Cook had charged her more than £600 by direct debit on Sunday afternoon for the trip but that she was not due to be charged until Thursday. It was unclear whether she would be able to recoup the funds with the bankruptcy declaration. She asked not to be named.

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