Wednesday, October 28, 2020

British crown preparing along German fourth reich a civil war in Thailand against Thailandese people - its not as German news outlets report about Thailandese crown

 German news outlets report Berlin's unwillingness for Thailandese royal support as no longer option where Thailandese crown could/can be hosted and from where war can be waged - its not like this. Germany along Buckingham palace according to my information instead well well prepared Thailandese crown for civil war against Thailandese free society known as beginning of the moral defeat of humanity. Thailand is where global royalism movement should in fact gain enough strength to rattle/scare rest of the humanity into the box one bye one and its also why I consider this crown as no longer beneficial for humanity - if there is one that should be considered as beneficial. Unfortunately those tend to support one another in war against humanity for the sake of enslavement -total  deprivation of human rights to which we have witnessed 103 years ago.

So there you have it. I will give you another red flag/card - reason if you like why its time to get read of them all together. Berlin again behind coup d'état in Thailand against Thailandese free society along London....

Trump also liberated Germany of US troops and s on and so forth....little bit here and bit there to realize same old same s**** on which war explodes.

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