Monday, October 19, 2020

I call for >>>>Workers of the world, unite!<<<< again - regardless of your religion/race(two weapons they use effectively against us as you see)

Call for world to REJECT COLD WAR ERA ATTITUDE(refrain yourself to return with hatred Trump projected into own domestic US population and into global Asian African Latino population) brought to us AGAIN by neonazi leaders/elites of USA/GB/GERMANY against China/Russia. Its what Coronavirus, US elections meddling while spying on entire world via NSA and occupying Ukraine and Poland are...unite but not against capitalism - unite against nazi crime which is taking place against all of us.

No need to wage war against anyone decent productive(there are good capitalists out there and many in fact). Instead concentrate on real evil which also caused WWII alone - evil of the past hunting us globally today.

War on natives of Brazil for the sake of new nazi sympathizer state via Bolsonaro...The cost for creation of Osama Bin Laden's myth can be seen in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, impoverished Iran, and numerous other mid east locations which they burned to geopolitical division of eastern Europe - Slavic is on fire/ignited and we have to admit out self about what goes on !!!

Bringing people together from all over the world - stay open for friendship/trade is by far the most effective weapon...

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