Thursday, October 29, 2020

From Putin's daughters my wives to be to his own wife

Sexy 1.7 meter tall Putin first time jumped on American lady during trip to US in 1991 - it was with aid of American president George Bush and this despite presence of sleepy Putin's wife Lyudmila Alexandrovna. On next STATE trip for which I was told Putin stopped bye on his own, taste of Texas became n Putin's mouths even sweeter...his marriage on the other hand headed for a wrack. His brave penny no longer worked in wives' bed for at least 6 years prior to official divorce, but he made bloody sure Lyudmila Alexandrovna would be fulfilled by other men(this is one passionate and very needy lady I will tell you and wastes no time). In 2016, Lyudmila Alexandrovna as written in encyclopedia married Russian individual who would occasionally clown in MK Ultra scenarios and was once along me for entire week or two as a handler. Americans who previously insisted for marriage with Putin's daughters in 2008 certainly begun to again insist and insist if am sure since I rejected mom as well...its a story of total disgrace, but not for me... from average looking daughters who learned to lie from daddy(claimed I discriminated against them after they insulted on what I declined to have anything to do with them) to his own wife who insisted on something undesirable with 13 years younger male. Anyhow, Putin gave Lyudmila Alexandrovna some 300 million USD/EURO in cash and waved her goodbye with her new toy boy who scored his dreams I guess. A story if ever released according to a hero Putin that would as a result result in my being indefinitely rejected. Never assisted from his side whatever that meant anyways😂 

Very ambitious Lyudmila Alexandrovna dreamed about becoming a full time business lady with me - and if I would play with nonsense next to her(specially if not fulfilling husband's duties) as she told me, tough boys would teach me a good lesson. I decided to pass the opportunity even more 2012/2013 Artur Ocheretny claimed his marriage to be really cool deal and have thanked me. He entrusted me at that opportunity Lyudmila Alexandrovna allowed him to make child on the side already with another lady and was/is not such a bad woman at all...

 Lyudmila Alexandrovna was a nice lady throughout the years when(if) compared to Laura Bush as far as I am concerned(because you loved to humiliate Laura is why - because you saw me as an animal not human being in late stages of torture is why)...I actually believe Ocheretny.

As far as Putin - he had 1000 more women over the years...because rape is not rape when presidents do it for as backed by other presidents...its known as Orwellian game(saw/heard - know nothing) which in this case at least 20 million starved to death Russians are paying for(less than $140 per month Perhaps we should also call one as dodgery in American English. (ˈdɑdʒəri) nounWord forms: plural -eries. the use of a dodge or dodges; trickery; duplicity...Skull and Bones, also known as The Order, Order 322 or The Brotherhood of Death perhaps not so unreal....

Daughters !!???? What have Putin done for Russia/E. Europe in comparison to me to act with such a arrogance !!???? There are Putin on street corners all over Western Europe and Northern America selling dope....

And this is why I was labeled as paranoid schizophrenic - locked in asylum and tortured to the brink of the death. For heroes like this/incl. I right Bushy !!????
This is what I was told will be - 1000 times repeated by American brainwashers over course of no less than 23 years - perhaps its why also took me so long too. Stephen Hawking with smashed spine and what you see here...thats okay, here and then heads of British Royals also fell off their shoulders into the baskets...not very often, but at times did and I think WILL.

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