Wednesday, October 14, 2020

If I ever make it through on time, Amazona will be on the list of my biggest projects(total rehabilitation of one) - Brazilian government burning jungle deliberately and foreign governments doing nothing to stop lunacy

For foreign governments, political agendas come first - but they don't realize their political agendas are going against earth's rules. They talk talk and never do anything about it. Some of them even own pets at home. What for, I don't know.
Its just a bunch of Bezos Buckingham palace alike good for nothing out there that are up to no
challenge at all. BLAH BLAH BLAH infront of cameras while hungry are dyeing in African deserts and now even around Amazon...their precondition for real involvement seems to be extermination of natives(its just blah blah up to date) first. Its al about what needs what to be done(reminders) and never done....

China should take initiative and demonstrate how its done in respect to Amazon too. Brazilian people are great people and are well worth of investing into...they need political support from outside as is again politics that is chocking Amazon and one will not come from those as explained above calling for fascism(Bolsonaros)
Its these very neo-Nazi bandits that aren't only burning nature for the sake of $$$$ and crime against natives, but to further blame entire humanity as per taking too many resources on planet. This is on their main agenda therefore - burning nature. Displacing people/animals and blaming it all on them !!!
The highest cost to rehabilitate nature is want too - tax for rehabilitation of one should be taken AWAY LIKE IT OR NOT from wealthiest as they tend to build high-rises - cities(concrete jungles) that grow should pay in addition for one as aren't worth dime without what you see on video above.


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