Saturday, October 31, 2020

Charlie took initiative in placing Peter Townsend into bed(6 foot bellow) - zipped his mouths for good - wasn't about

Antony Armstrong-Jones who substituted decorated British Air Force veteran in life of Princess Margaret is only connected to words such as "war" via "awards"(he didn't give three s*** about British war efforts to stop nazism)....bye bye adieu for the last time in Pariiiii. Nothing like yahoo insists case was. 

Peter Townsend was a pain in the butt to Charlie for already some time(conflict between the two in respect to WW2 took public few years earlier already at the tea party - the two had ongoing feud), but our third trip to France I anticipate - preceded even with Cornwall's Plymouth/Guernsey(German hospital) visit was detrimental for his life length in 1995 - it was over for as one retuned back To Britain in a body bag...his death was reserved in hotel where one stayed ahead of our arrival - on that occasion they had me at another location and that was that. This was old hotel where Londoners would have frequent stay whenever there...

Au revoir mon amour...royal love rolling under the table next to trash - not so much about "indissoluble, and conscious of my duty to the Commonwealth" - Jim'll Fix It after all ;) Peter Townsend that was a great friend of Philip 😁😄😆whatever is that meant...

Was taken by Donald Trump into this next of evill on at least 100 occasions. In case one ever met her prior to official meeting.

Good night Elizabeth. 

Red you saw ghost last night...careful with all those alcho. bottles, but then again perhaps it was you alone phhuuuu.....

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