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I stepped away from seen bellow two four days latter on

Friday, May 28, 2021 after observing news related to realizing Tedros was used further to discredit me at UN also via hatred(his theory on how Tigray would become separated from  Ethiopia explained to me in details by him alone along CIA officials could have a high cost for me when considering possibility of real human lives lost in area this could be even used to depict me as supporter of genocide) issue - it wasn't about his separatist pro colonial pledge only.

And seen here was published on 

Monday, May 24, 2021

They get people like Tedros to serve with silence and once obtaining whatever they agreed upon prior to position offered(when his contract as WHO boss expires), they give one wishes which fulfill their needs - fulfilled...extortion/terrorism politic.

An article of compassion from António Guterres talks all about COVID 19 and knows nothing about his closest colleague's whereabouts. I hope China echoes this article into political arena with her presence along African coast where SILENT war for the sake of new colonization already goes on.

Bye the way, situation all over Ethiopia is horrific and deliberately so - not only in Tigray for which head of World's health organization is war campaigning for no less than 23 years now - here is what you should know about Eritrea/Tigray

CIA F*** UROUND WITH HUMAN RIGHTS IN THIS CASE WITH IDEA TO DEPRIVE(condition other governments into cooperation/submission while treating me Slovenian and US citizen as bellow animal) MORE HUMANS OF HUMAN RIGHTS...DOESN'T WORK LIKE THIS HERE MR. JOE BIDEN - they conditioned me my sanity/life with exactly as explained for Tedros...CIA DID - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, LONDON, PARIS, BERLIN DID. ONLY(this was a final clause added in 2017 after screwing me entire life hehe - we came a long way from MK Ultra lies that started in 1995 heh - demands were upgraded ongoing over the course of 26 years of torture) IF WE GET...

Washington toughens stance to fight atrocities in Ethiopia

Senior Ethiopian officials may face restrictions on their travel to the US, as Washington increases pressure on the government of prime minister Abiy Ahmed amid growing global concern about atrocities and famine caused by conflict in the northern region of Tigray.

Though visa restrictions are likely to target only a small number of individuals, the move signals President Joe Biden’s administration is shifting to a more direct strategy to force Ahmed to end continuing human rights abuses in Tigray and allow free flow of much-needed humanitarian aid.

Last week relief agencies said millions in Tigray were threatened with famine. Hundreds of massacres have been reported, with thousands of victims documented. Many have been blamed on Ethiopian troops or soldiers from neighbouring Eritrea sent to reinforce the offensive.

The head of the World Health Organization described the situation as “horrific”. “Almost five million people need humanitarian aid… and many have started dying from hunger, and severe and acute malnutrition is becoming rampant,” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, from Tigray, said at a news conference in Geneva.

The UN complained last week of increased incidents where relief cargoes had been stopped and humanitarian vehicles or supplies confiscated “by parties to the conflict”.

US officials and congressional aides told Foreign Policy magazine that the new measures were “an opening diplomatic salvo” and a “shot across the bow”, and come amid deteriorating relations between Washington and Ahmed’s administration.

Analysts say US officials have been frustrated by Ethiopia’s rejection of Washington’s concerns as communicated by special envoys and senior-level conversations in recent months.

Other measures could include reducing the substantial security assistance given to Ethiopia by the US or blocking multibillion-dollar programmes run by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fundforeign policy said.

There are widespread fears in the US and elsewhere that protracted conflict in Tigray could seriously destabilise Ethiopia, previously a linchpin of stability and western security strategy in one of Africa’s most volatile regions.

Ethiopian federal troops moved into Tigray in November with the aim to “restore the rule of law” by ousting the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the political party then in power in the province, after surprise attacks on federal army bases there.

The offensive was declared successful after the TPLF leadership evacuated its stronghold of Mekelle, the provincial capital, and an interim administration loyal to Addis Ababa was installed.

Related: Cries of the victims of mass rape go unheard in Ethiopia’s mountain war | Simon Tisdall

However, it became clear by late January that, after initial setbacks and heavy losses, the TPLF had rallied and was waging an intensifying insurgency against federal forces.

On Friday, Ethiopia for the first time accused troops from neighbouring Eritrea of killing 110 civilians in a massacre in Tigray.

The attorney general’s office sharply contradicted law enforcement officials who claimed earlier this month that the “great majority” of those killed in the city of Axum had been fighters, not civilians.

In March, the Guardian reported that almost 2,000 people killed in more than 150 massacres by soldiers, paramilitaries and insurgents in Tigray had been identified by name by researchers studying the conflict. The oldest victims were in their 90s and the youngest were infants.

It is difficult to determine the conflict’s death toll so far but the total number of victims is likely to run into the tens of thousands, and will probably never be known.

The US and EU have repeatedly called for the Eritrean troops blamed for many of the worst atrocities to withdraw.

“The continued presence of Eritrean forces in Tigray further undermines Ethiopia’s stability and national unity,” the US secretary of state, Antony Blinken, said last week.



Since Tuesday, April 6, 2021(because it doesn't matter how evil evil is, side that presents itself as good and does same is even more evil), tolerance for their fuss/ turncoat wanderings/ pretense which lasted 26 years ended for me along attacks upon release of wanted by them alone MK Ultra truth(its what they demanded) - its the day they will remember...

One thing is when you threaten me, but when you threaten(condition them lives with crimes you committed against me and them in our homeland) my family with crime whatever is that crime is

Note, no email(contact of any kind) ever from individual and his family involved in this case for over 25 years - that's US president Joe Biden. Nothing up to date...

Sleep deprivation is now a new weight loss technique next to broken spine according to media and as seen here - I should consider this fact as helpful next to real poisoning, 26 years of MK Ultra torture, psychiatry, and forced unemployment so I can be more like Navalny because of whom politicians might have even turned my life into what you see on here with their human rights agencies/organisation....

My "momma" brainwash under MK Ultra laughingly with I cite, "we are gonna go to home for elderly - what are you gonna do about it !!??? 

With Warp speed(also I was brainwashed on under MK Ultra as per hurry with proofs) heh !!????

Others involved did too and they were all heart broken due to my disturbing "behavior" under MK Ultra

My family is 100% correct.

Without dime in pocket after 26 years of MK Ultra torture in which they involved via forced unemployment even a psychiatry(with broken spine and cancer issues and without family of my own and with broken family mother/father which I left behind when departing to USA in December of 1994)...

Above seen today in Slovenian Novo mesto is almost same picture/photo as was in Bellingham USA in 2009 no !!?????

Putin dreamed about creating American Russian human experiment to cover-up Soviet human experiment. He went into US Congress, in another words, on a crime shopping spree for whole thing to be told. He succeeded.

Cocaine, prostitution, corruption and myself to pay for it all as I caused it...

With country so insane, world is in grave danger. You are all bound for MU MU LAND.
Is not difficult to observe who is running the show and for whom.

Lucifer from London even became a CEO executive at mental health company(supported via invented racist claim against his own family in London who designed lie with purpose for crash of America - as was told since they believe in discrimination claims the most) he founded over a decade ago. He is now deciding if you are either sane or insane.
Know that in Canada(just north of Ohio) in case you open your mouths against royals, you are institutionalized rated as permanently insane for second claim against them(first issued warning and then gone - listed as good as dead) and it doesn't matter what claim states(real or unreal).

Ahhhhhaaaaaa....... afraid. Very very afraid.

Mental health is when you fight for royal title from US under discrimination cause while bitching about US constitution without even permanent residence there while at the same time guy whom you have destroyed two citizenships on two continents sleeps at age 50 on the floor without ANYTHING IN LIFE.

Is not even permanent resident in US yet and is in war with US constitution.

American rich and famous(CLOWNS) don't oppose one and this regardless of their racial backgrounds. Is it that money knows NO COLORS or just colors too than no know no rights !!???

Prince Harry is facing a backlash from US First Amendment campaigners after he called the constitutional rule "bonkers".

The duke was speaking to actor Dax Shepherd and producer Monica Padman on the Armchair Expert podcast.

He seemed to criticise the amendment - the right to free speech - saying: "I've got so much I want to say about the First Amendment as I sort of understand it, but it is bonkers.

"I don't want to start going down the First Amendment route because that's a huge subject and one which I don't understand because I've only been here a short time.

"But, you can find a loophole in anything.

"You can capitalise or exploit what's not said rather than uphold what is said."

The First Amendment covers a number of basic freedoms in the US - including freedom of religion; speech; the press; the right to assemble and the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
INVOLVED IN CASE SINCE 1997 OR SO - HAD ME IN ERITREA AND IN ETHIOPIAN TIGRAY REGION. António Guterres António Guterres, the ninth Secretary-General of the United Nations, was/is involved in this case since 1995 - almost 1st day.

Ted Cruz, a senator for Texas and ally of the Trump-wing of the Republican party, criticized the comments, simply tweeting: "Nice that he can say that."

Meanwhile, Jack Posobiec, widely regarded as a hard-right activist and internet personality, said: "Prince Harry is attacking America's First Amendment.

"Tells you everything you need to know."

Candace Owens, an activist and founder of a number of right wing organizations, added: "Sunday riddle: How many more Hollywood-style interviews will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle give before they finally achieve the privacy they claim to be so desperate for?"

Nigel Farage, who has been touring the US as part of "America's Comeback Tour", also added his thoughts, tweeting: "For Prince Harry to condemn the USA's First Amendment shows he has lost the plot.


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