Saturday, May 8, 2021

It was Saturday or Sunday evening in Philadelphia/perhaps even New York city where we arrived day/two earlier from Arizona direction once again in 2002(I think)

Finally telephone rang and well familiar voice asked if there was anything else we needed/would come handy..."rain coat as is raining like hell here" I was transported to airport and on Sundays since all stores were closed down due to also hour latency, only one store did favor to someone well known and have sold him a really expensive raincoat complete(jacket and pants). Price, I think was $250 what few can told me yesterday, there is old raincoat in boiler room...

Mike donated pants to Polish dude soon after as was unhappy with them. Dwayne figured out, on the other hand, best to use is plastic wrap foil just as was used in Poland - it had to do with his size. Others who arrived and were XXXL also embraced otherwise funny to locals idea.

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