Thursday, May 27, 2021

@Goerge Busho(BullShitto)

 You deserve to be HANGED for number of grand treason of which your greatest contribution against US was to DISALLOW even Americans born in America to be an Americans - act like FORCED AMERICANS(not only myself) into Russian espionage rings. You conditioned me collaboration with Putan Putanowich via electroshocks/violence(beatings) on American soil alone - at Camp not hard, its actually impossible to be an American like this and its why we have in US what we are American cancer - source of all problems in America concerning espionage issues.

You are Al-Qaeda - ISIS and everything else you dreamed of...and I wouldn't even go into Trumpet and others...

You can see even that media admits the ORWELLIAN way two days after my releasing video about Camp David that one was used to "extort"(they would love public to think its part of political game from my side, but is not - they always worked with one another) opposite side of the political spectrum in US via political gimmicks other politicians into furthering neonazi agenda game...scary the most here is the controlled main stream media which is inciting in this Orwellian lunacy game...

F**** Texas snake - not US president.

Now you know what my US citizenship(stay in USA - land of the brave and free) was like and where I became citizen in 2000.

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